Tantalus residents hopeful new plan will help resolve speeding issue

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – Alan Ewell, who lives on Tantalus and is president of Friends of Tantalus, said he’s seen three cars flip over outside his home.

“They were going too fast, missed the turn hit the bank flipped over.”

Alan Ewell, Friends of Tantalus president

He’s also woken up in the night by cars speeding and sometimes racing down Tantalus Drive. He said they often go 40mph to 50mph, way over the 20mph speed limit.

“If you talk to anybody else that live along Round top drive they can tell you about similar incidents that have happened in front of their house,” said Ewell.

There has been action taken in the past to discourage speeding or drifting. After a bicyclist was struck by a driver who was racing, there was additional police enforcement on Tantalus, but Ewell said that returned to normal. He said the City also added sandpaper to the curves on lower Tantalus to prevent drifting, but that’s worn off as well.

One thing community members are hopeful will make a difference is the “Tantalus Round-Top Drive Management Plan.

The plan lists some recommendations to help cars slow down such as adding electronic speed feedback signs and lane delineators, like the ones near the Pali Highway.

“I think the community is hopeful that that will help lead to some solutions to not only that but to some of the other problems that we have up here,” said Ewell.

These problems include vegetation growing past the road, making it narrower and potholes scattered throughout Tantalus Drive.

While the plan’s recommendations are just a suggestion, Ewell hopes some of them will be put into place.

“All we can do is try, nothing has worked so far,” said Ewell.

The Tantalus Round-Top Drive Management Plan is currently being looked over by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. The final plan should be out by the end of the year.

Once it is published, since Tantalus Drive is owned by the City and County of Honolulu, the City’s Department of Transportation Services can take a look at the plan and decide to implement the recommendations.

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