Swell makes cleanup efforts difficult for aground boat on Magic Island

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Surf will be dangerous this weekend. 

It’s one of the largest south shore swells we’ve seen this year on Oahu and people have taken advantage of the picture perfect day at Ala Moana. 

Lifeguards want to remind the public to remember to understand their limits. 

It might be a good idea to stay on the sand and catch some rays if you’re an inexperienced waterman.

Shore break and rip currents could pose a hazard to swimmers. 

But for the more experienced crowd, this turned out to be a great day to be out on the waves. 

“Today’s not too bad,” said World Surf League Surfer Ezekiel Lau. “I think it’s pretty beginner friendly. Tomorrow, when the swell is pushing a little bit more, might be a little more hectic, little more current and water moving around so might be a little more dangerous tomorrow but as for today it’s pretty nice and easy going and user-friendly.”

Now, it’s not all fun and games. 

The lagoon on the Makai end of Magic Island was closed on Friday, June 14, due to the boat that ran aground on Wednesday night, June 12. It was broken up and knocked into the lagoon by Friday’s swell. 

Salvage crews are working on removing the wreckage and will continue to do so around the clock until they finish the job. 

They anticipate the debris to be cleared out by Sunday, June 16. 

But the swell has not done their cleanup efforts any favors. 

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