Suspects plead not guilty to theft of elderly Mililani couple

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katy sterio and dino castillo_153540

Two suspects accused of targeting an elderly couple in Mililani pleaded not guilty Thursday.

Katy Sterio, 38, was charged with theft and unauthorized possession of confidential personal information after she was allegedly caught on surveillance video stealing from an elderly couple inside their own home.

Dino Costello, 38, was charged with theft and allegedly accompanied Sterio inside the home.

According to Wendell and Corazon Formales, the two came to their door and claimed to be old friends from the neighborhood. When they left, Corazon Formales noticed her credit cards were gone.

This isn’t the first time Sterio has targeted senior citizens. In 2013, she was found guilty of felony theft and forced to pay $20,000 dollars in restitution to an elderly Pauoa man she convinced to help pay her nonexistent medical bills.

The city Department of the Prosecuting Attorney urges other potential victims to contact the Elder Abuse Justice Unit directly by calling (808) 768-7400 or (808) 768-7536, or

A jury trial is scheduled to begin in June.

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