Suspect in fatal shooting of 16-year-old appears in court

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Fifty-year-old Richard Obrero pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday for the murder of a teenage boy Thursday in Kalihi. According to court documents, Obrero said he had to defend himself.

Police arrested Richard Obrero after 11pm November 7th at his home on Kula Kolea Drive.

According to court documents, when HPD arrived, Obrero was crouching behind a wall wearing a Ballistic Vest with no shirt on. The officer reported that he heard objects hitting the side of Obrero’s home and saw multiple men hiding behind cars in the parking lot. The officer ordered the men to put their hands up-they complied and started yelling: “He shot my boy!”

Documents said that Obrero willingly turned over his his black semi automatic handgun to the police officer and said: “I needed to defend myself.”

Obrero’s wife, Nancy, had called 911, before the officer arrived, to report that four juveniles who burglarized their home earlier that day came back.

Court documents said Nancy Obrero told the dispatcher that her husband shot one of them.

Sixteen-year-old Starsky Willy was shot once. He was taken to Queens Hospital where he later died.

Attorney Michael Green is not representing the Obrero’s but did offer them some legal council.

“Apparently somebody had a gun there besides (obrero) and you know when it’s dark out and you see a rifle or hand gun– you don’t say, ‘Is that really a gun?’ You don’t risk somebody in your family getting shot and killed,” Green said.

Court documents said that Obrero saw four men breaking into his home earlier that day.

“(The Obrero’s) were minding their own business. They were at home and they got a bunch of punks jumping the fence and coming into their house and they were the victims of a burglary…If people have the nerve to come into your home, while they expect you to be there, and you’re awake, their planning on doing some bad things.”

Both witnesses and court documents said that Obrero was wearing a bullet proof vest.

“If he has a bullet proof vest on, I don’t think he said to these kids, ‘Wait a second. Let me go put a vest on before I shoot you. I think he was expecting them to come back and I think he was in danger of death or bodily harm,” Green said.

The law states that a person can use deadly force to defend him or herself from deadly force if they believe its reasonably necessary.

“You cannot shoot at somebody or use deadly force in protection of property, but when they come in your house you don’t have to wait for them to grab your daughter in the bedroom or tie your wife up and do terrible things to her. So if they’d been in his house before that night… and they come back, I mean, what’s he supposed to do?” asked Green.

“When you go over someone’s fence and go into his home, you get what you get,” Green said.

Obrero remains in custody. His bail is set at $1 million. He is being charged with murder. His preliminary hearing will be held November 14th.

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