The senseless nature of this crime has police shaking their heads. Alins Sumang plowed his truck into a group of innocent pedestrians waiting at a crosswalk, killing three of them and critically injuring three others. 

Police closed down a portion of Ala Moana Blvd near Kamakee Street again Tuesday afternoon to gather additional information for their investigation into what they are calling one of the deadliest pedestrian accidents in recent years.

At Tuesday’s news conference, HPD Chief Susan Ballard said witnesses saw Sumang veer his truck across three lanes, traveling west on Ala Moana Blvd., then climb the island in front of Kamakee Street where he hit a group of pedestrians.

Sumang was taken to hospital in serious condition. 

“He’s been placed under arrest and will be booked on three counts of manslaughter. Additional charges will be pending. And alcohol appear to be contributing factors,” said Ballard.

Manslaughter is a class A felony, carrying a 20 year sentence. 

“Because its more reckless, versus gross negligence. And so manslaughter, in this particular case, when we took a look at all the pieces of the puzzle, is the most appropriate charge instead of the negligent homicide,” Ballard explained.

Sumang is no stranger to crime. His record goes back at least four years.

He was found guilty of terroristic threatening just three years ago and was put on probation. He was also found guilty of criminal property damage in 2015, a petty misdemeanor.

He has a handful of traffic infractions including driving with out a license and jaywalking.

Police will also be looking into how and why the officer who was initially following Sumang lost him. There is body cam footage of police approaching Sumang immediately after the accident before he was taken to the hospital. Police said they may release that footage if it shows anything pertinent.