Supreme Court Justices heard arguments Tuesday afternoon in a challenge over the East Honolulu District 4 council seat. 

Candidate Tommy Waters challenged the city and state after election results showed Trevor Ozawa ahead of him by just 22 votes.

At the hearing, Justices questioned the process of collecting mail-in ballots which needed to be in by the 6 p.m. deadline in order to be counted.

“It doesn’t say anywhere in the rules, anywhere in the statute that you can drop it off at the post office and that should satisfy delivered,” said Tommy Waters. 

“The law should apply fairly. The petitioners had the burden of proof. They provided no evidence of fraud, mistake, errors that we think justify disenfranchising at least 350 voters,” said Trevor Ozawa. 

Without a response from the U.S. Postal Service, the city’s attorney couldn’t answer a question about the number of envelopes being picked up at certain times. 

We’ll follow up and let you know when the Supreme Court reaches a decision.