SUP Dog Hawaii teaching dogs and their humans how to surf

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – Pet owners usually teach their dogs simple commands like sit, lay down and speak. Now, you can take it to the next level by training them to surf!

J Tyler Landon came up with the idea when he didn’t want to leave his dog behind while surfing.

“I made the decision to bring her with me and train her how to stand up paddle board and it became so fun and such a loving and bonding experience that I had to share it with other people,” said Landon.

A typical lesson will start on dry land to get both the owner and dog comfortable on the board.

“We’ll use treats to help the dog walk back and forth over the board and we’ll also practice commands on top of the board the sit, stay, down, shake that kind of thing.”

Sup Dog Hawaii lessons aren’t only fun, they’re a great way for pet owners and their four legged friends to bond.

The new local business also offers swimming and surfing lessons. They’re also launching SUP Dog Sitting in the near future.

“We’re about to launch sup dog sitting, we will come and pick up your dog while you’re at work and we’ll take them stand-up paddle boarding.”

Landon says the support from the community has been amazing so far. He’s looking forward to growing the sup dog Hawaii family in the future.

“It’s overwhelming to feel the love that has become involved. Every lesson that I do creates another best friend and another special bond between a dog and myself and their owner that will never go away.”

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