HONOLULU (KHON2) – As the weather begins to improve as we head closer to the summer season ahead, it’s the perfect time for you and your family to go outside and maybe spend it in a sunflower farm. 

Here at Waimanalo Country Farms, they have just kicked off their Spring + Summer Sunflower Event; and as you can see, it’s gorgeous. 

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So, to find out more about this and Waimanalo Country Farms, we are here with the family who puts it all together. 

Cheyenne and Uncle Dominic.

Cheyenne, speaking with you guys earlier, you have been closed since October and dealing with a lot of the weather events leading up to this point. 

But now that you have reopened, what can people expect when they come and visit Waimanalo Country Farms?

“Of course, we have our beautiful sunflower fields,” said Cheyenne Adams, 5th generation of Waimanalo Country Farms. 

“We have a lot more farm-to-table products this year.  We are open every day except Mondays from 9am-4pm.  We have our animals that you can see, grilled sunflowers will be available by next week or week and a half, and we have lots of new products in our country market that are really exciting to see.”

KHON2 learned that Waimanalo Country Farms is celebrating 75 years.

“We got started in 1948,” said Dominic Kadooka, 4th generation of Waimanalo Country Farms.

“At that time, Uncle Ronald started this farm mostly just corn, tomatoes, things like that. Truck farming. And then in the 1970s, it was mostly corn. Eventually we tried other things like watermelons. We brought back the old, growing of watermelons that Uncle Ronald did. But also, these sunflowers and that was about seven years ago. And the sunflowers took off. We continue to do our corn, our sweet corn, and sunflowers and the pumpkins, but these sunflowers do a lot from how beautiful they are to you can eat the whole head of sunflower. That is our newest product, so that is what we got going new and that is the things that have changed but we still do things the old way here.”

Dominic Kadooka

The last time we have spoken with you guys was during the pandemic.  

So, I know a lot of those restrictions have been dropped. But what is new?

“We are letting people, outside photographers, comeback like how we used to back in the day,” said Adams.

“Not back in the day but pre-pandemic.  You can book after hour sessions, or you can book inhouse photography session which is with me.  Trying to keep everything in the family.  But you can have your photo session here after the hours when no one else is here which is really cool.  Same thing with the picnics.  Right now, you can have a picnic package and have a private picnic area.  So, basically, you will have a good portion of the field to yourself and even after hours too.”

Cheyenne Adams

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For all the information with those picnic and photography packages and everything else that is available here at Waimanalo Country Farms, click here.

Again, this is Waimanalo Country Farms opening up their Spring + Summer Sunflower Event.