Strong winds impact Oahu’s west coast

Local News

Speaking with the National Weather Service, we’ve learned that this system is very unique due to its position being north of our islands. 

This is causing not just strong winds, but strong winds coming in from directions that we hardly see.  

These strong winds knocked down a tree in Nanakuli over a resident’s roof and was barely being held up by the house’s powerline.

In addition, shingles from the same resident’s roof were being lifted up and blown away creating a mess of debris for the residents and their surrounding neighbors.

But the winds are only one component to today’s severe conditions.

The ocean created life-threatening conditions with large waves that could be seen from quite a distance.

On the Waianae coast, the winds were blowing inland from the ocean, which is surprising local residents because they don’t experience these conditions very often, if at all.

Speaking with the aunty, she was mentioning that this morning was actually pretty calm.  

But out of the clear blue, the winds picked up and rains came down creating as she says, “something crazy.”

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