HONOLULU (KHON2) — “Let me hearken back to him when I was with Linda Lingle,” said Republican candidate for Governor Duke Aiona.

“And she said you know it’s just like a prearranged marriage they just kind of come together and that’s what happened with Junior and I. We just met for the very first time in-depth for a couple of days ago,” said Aiona.

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Aiona continued, “We’re pretty much on the line we have the same principles the same values and I think Juniors going to be a great partner. People of Hawaii, get to know him better. Simply because he’s a man of intelligence, a man of passion, but more importantly he has a heart for the family and children of Hawaii.”

“It’s an honor and a privelaege to work with Duke. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that’s invaluable to me, as a first timer in office.” said Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Seaula “Junior” Tupai Jr.

“I always look back that with a mentor and a leader around to help guide me, I’m excited for it. As a former coach, the biggest room is the room for improvement so I’m looking forward to it,” said Tupai, Jr.

On the key issues of abortion rights and gun control Junior admittedly leans more conservative. But both men believe their values are 100% in line.

“We’re on the same page when it comes to the second amendment,” said Aiona. “I’m a former judge and an attorney by profession the rule of the law is embedded in me so the rule of law will provide able to come to the gun laws and everything else. When it comes to abortion both believe in life but we also believe that law where it goes in Hawaii rests with the state legislature,” said Seaula.

“For us, we’re just executing, we’re just enforcing,” said Seaula. “So if the people want change they need to talk you know.”

As a former judge, deputy prosecutor and two-term lieutenant governor himself, Aiona believes his experience is what the state needs now during what he calls a critical time.

“First of all I’ve had the opportunity to serve two full terms and the relationship I had with Governor Lingle was a lot different than any other was a lot different than any of the other LGs” said Aiona.  “And I was really her confidant, I was a big part of administration. As a judge, you are bred to be objective your bred to be collaborative, integration and inclusiveness diversity in regards to how you make decisions.”

On running as a Republican for governor for the third time in a largely democratic state, Aiona said the time for change is long overdue.

“We firmly believe in a robust two-party system,” said Aiona.

“What I mean by that balance right. we need checks and balances that will open up the system. It’ll create innovation and dialogue that you haven’t had before because now you have to be transparent. We don’t take votes for granted. We know that we got to get every vote,” said Aiona.

“The Democrats on the other hand there a little smug I believe they have the votes all wrapped up if they get an endorsement or they have a pack behind them. They don’t have to work as hard but we know we have to work hard for it and we’re going to work hard each and every day,” added Aiona.

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“It’s a different perspective and I have a newfound respect for those who run for office,” said Seaula. “For me, as a former coach at Hilo HI or as an instructor for youth challenge on the Big Island or as a pastor. All these iterationbs have the same thing and that is to serve as a coach instructor as a pastor is a governor it just shows that I’m in a position where I’m serving whatever it is for the people by the people and whatever iteration that is to put the people of Hawaii first, I’m game. Lets go,” concluded Seaula.