HONOLULU (KHON2) — Last month the Campbell family came home from a week-long vacation, only to find a man living in their home. What’s more, he left their house in disarray and left them disturbing messages.

Ezequiel Zayas was charged with burglary for the incident, but was let out on supervised release until his trial. According to court documents, eight days after his release, the state received digital notes that the family says Zayas left on their computers and Ipads.

According to court documents from the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, these digital documents “demonstrated the danger posed” by Zayas.

“[The Campbells] get on their computer and it’s a CSI show,” said Michael Green, the Campbell’s attorney. “There are stuff that he was putting on the computer – different things that he was writing about that make you think, did he do anything to our food in the refrigerator? Was he planning on doing things to our home?”

The new evidence found after Zayas’s initial hearing was enough to move the prosecuting attorney’s office to make a “Motion for Reconsideration” of Zayas’s supervised release.

“It is very rare,” said attorney Megan Kau. She said it’s even rarer for a Motion for Reconsideration to be granted.

“If you’re going to file a motion of reconsideration, you’ve got to come to the court with new information, new evidence [and] new arguments,” said Kau.

However, there’s another development to consider.

Zayas was arrested again on Wednesday for robbery at the Bhuddist Study Center across from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Kau says this arrest could change everything.

“If he was arrested after he was released on this case, that is a violation of release,” said Kau. “If that’s the case, then what the government should do is file a motion to revoke his release based on the new arrest.”

As for the Campbells, their attorney Michael Green said the family is feeling better knowing that Zayas has been found.

“There’s relief that the guy’s behind bars,” said Green. “When they go to sleep at night they don’t have to worry about him coming through a window or door. That’s a relief.”

Zayas is in custody and has not yet been charged for robbery.