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Dan Dotson, “Storage Wars” co-star, coming to islands with wife and co-host Laura.

Some of us have too much stuff to fit in our homes — so we pay to keep it in storage.

There are even TV shows about it — and how some people store some pretty valuable things — along with their — not-so-precious items.

About 10 percent of us pay to keep some of our stuff in storage. Nationally, self-storage is a nearly $38 billion industry.

An old expression teaches us, that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Bidders could find treasure this weekend when the stars of “Storage Wars” come to Hawaii.

Co-star Dan Dotson says, “We’re going to have auctions just like “Storage Wars” hopefully not as much drama.”

Any drama on the show pales in comparison to Dotson’s own life. He was diagnosed with a double brain aneurysm five years ago and was given a 4-percent chance of survival.

Surgery and a follow-up procedure kept him alive.

“I just figure every day is like, a borrowed day for me. I’m just excited to be alive and to keep doing these auctions, because you know, I’m a third-generation auctioneer and that’s all I’ve ever done since I was a kid and I just love it.”

Dan Dotson and his wife and co-host Laura are coming to stage live auctions at A-American Self Storage facilities at Keaau on Hawaii island this Friday and at the company’s South Street facility on Saturday.

Pre-bidding is underway online — and re-sellers interested in bidding are encouraged to register online, and to present their GE license when paying for their winning bids.

Online bidding stops at 10 a.m. on auction day — and the highest pre-bid will determine the starting point of the live auction.

Dotson says, “We’re just hoping that we meet a lot of fans and I’m hoping to really get to meet some of the local talent, as far as buyers, I’m super-excited about that.”

“That’s what we’re doing, we’re coming to the islands, and uh, Aloha! We’re so excited!”

The stars of the A&E reality show will host a meet-and-greet with customers at 8:30 a.m. each day. Meanwhile, Dotson says he’ll keep trying to get the network to shoot some episodes in the islands.

Here are links for bid registration and to see the auction lots up for online pre-bidding:

Resellers can register at: http://www.americanauctioneers.com/

Keaau auction pre-bidding: https://storageauctions.net/hilo-hi/

Honolulu auction pre-bidding: https://storageauctions.net/honolulu-hi/

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