Still no motive, nor knowledge of whether shooter knew those he killed

Local News

(FOX) — An active duty U.S. Sailor opened fire Wednesday on three Defense Department contractors at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii. Killing two people before taking his own life.

Within minutes after the first shots were fired, base personnel were notified to shelter in place.

Navy officials still don’t have a motive for the shooting, nor do they know if any of the men knew each other.

Investigators say the shooter opened fire with his M4 service rifle, before turning his M9 service pistol on himself.

The 22-year-old sailor was assigned to the submarine U.S.S. Columbia, which is currently stationed at Pearl Harbor for maintenance.

Officials believe he was likely standing watch near the quarterdeck at the time of the shooting. That is the entry point to the submarine from the pier.

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