HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) officials are sending out a stern warning to the public about trespassing onto the Honolulu Rail’s guideway.

The warning comes after HART says four people were caught on surveillance video allegedly scaling the Hālawa Station fence, located at Aloha Stadium, and walking along the track.

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As construction on the 20-mile guideway presses on, testing is being conducted on the first 10 miles of track, which runs from the Kualaka‘i (East Kapolei) Station to the Halawa Station.

HART says that portion of the rail that powers the train is fully energized during testing and anyone who touches the rail can be shocked and could possibly die instantly from electrocution.

“We are currently running tests with the trains, and therefore, the ‘third rail’ is energized at various times with 750 Volts DC, making it deadly to anyone who touches it,” said Interim Executive Director and CEO Lori Kahikina. “In keeping with stringent safety protocols, no one should be anywhere on the rail guideway or in the station areas unless they are working on this project.”

HART adds that trains are running throughout the day and may start and stop suddenly or switch direction, making the rail yard and the operating guideway dangerous and unsafe for those without proper authorization to be there.

“Because the rail system is electric, and to move the trains at a top speed of 55 mph, a very high current must be used to transfer adequate power. That is why today we are reminding the public, for your safety, please stay off the tracks and out of the operations and maintenance facilities,” Kahikina added.

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The Rail Operations Center (ROC) staff contacted Honolulu Police as soon as they saw the suspected trespassers over the closed-circuit television cameras that continuously monitor and record the area. It is unclear whether any arrests were made.