HONOLULU (KHON2) — All lay net fishers will need to obtain permits from DLNR to lay their nets in state waters.

In a move approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources, the state will be able to track the number of lay nets annually.

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There will be no fees for Hawai’i residents and active military personnel who get a permit to lay nets. For non-residents, there will be a $25 fee.

BLNR also approved other amendments:

  • Freshwater stream, multi-panel lay net, resident and throw net have newly clarified definitions.
  • The BLNR clarified that it is unlawful to leave a gill net unattended.
  • Penalties for violations were clarified.
  • BLNR has adopted civil asset forfeiture as a tool of enforcement.

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The definitions of certain species of aquatic life were also amended in order to clarify and standardize names. This includes akule, ‘iao, ōpelu and pua.