State says business owner broke the law when picking up client from airport

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The state Department of Transportation is finally clearing up confusion over a citation that was issued to a business owner at Honolulu International Airport.

On March 15, Randy Vasconcellos got a ticket while he was waiting to pick up a client by the commuter terminal.

The reason, according to the citation, was because he was providing a commercial service at the airport without a permit.

Vasconcellos says he wasn’t charging the client for the ride and made it clear he was not working for a ride-sharing service.

He even met with the airport security manager, but said he still did not get a clear explanation on why he was breaking the law.

Since then, we’ve been pressing the department to clarify what the policy is when it comes to picking up a client or coworker at the airport.

On Thursday, transportation spokesman Tim Sakahara said, “in general, it is not against the law to pick up a client at the airport, provided that they are in the process of actively or unloading the vehicle that they’re getting into.

“What he was doing was illegal in the fact that he was not actively or unloading, and he was parked in a restricted area,” Sakahara added. “Everyone should know by this point in time, you can’t just come to the airport and park at the curb and wait for the passenger to come.”

Vasconcellos still needs to go to court to fight the citation. He previously told us he plans to do so.

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