State removes dangerous trees

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After years of complaints the state is moving to remove a dangerous tree looming over homes in Pearl City.

The huge albizia tree is located in Pacific Palisades across from Palisades Elementary.

It stands 160-feet tall.

The work is allowed under a measure called Act 76.

It allows the state to enter private property to clear dangerous trees, rocks or streams.

“Because the private property owner does not have the resources to cut it down herself the state civil defense is allowed to go onto property and remove the tree. That’s what they’ve done the cost will be about $58,000,” said Rep. Gregg Takayama, D, Pearl City.

Under the law, the state attorney general can go back and bill the property owner, if they feel the owner has enough money to pay for the tree’s removal.

There is $1 million that was funded for this project, and lawmakers say that will fund more dangerous tree removals in Ahuimanu, Kaneohe, and Manoa.

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