HONOLULU (KHON2) — There are many types of electric guns and under this measure, it includes stun guns and the type that shoot out electrical prongs. 

A person would be required to go through a training and certification process. 

“The idea is it’s a nonlethal form of self-defense that people can have with them on the street and protect against crime. We think it might be especially useful in preventing crimes against elders,” said Senator Russell Ruderman.

Those who have felonies or a history of violence would not be able to own an electric gun if this measure passes. 

Pictured are electrical prongs that are shot from a type of electric gun.

“Some criminals already have them and they are not constrained by this law,” said Ruderman, “so this law will not prevent, will not allow criminals to get them. This allows regular citizens to defend themselves against the criminals.”

The Hawaii Firearms Coalition says it opposes the measure because of the restrictions but supports people owning electric guns for self-defense. 

“There was a case in Massachusetts that the Supreme Court reviewed and said electric guns are part of the Second Amendment,” said Todd Yukutakke of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition. “There’s no registration or permitting or training required almost in all other states so I don’t believe it’s necessary in Hawaii.”