State follows up on gunshots near school: ‘it could have been someone else’

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The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources sent a follow-up statement addressing last week’s shooting scare near Le Jardin Academy in Kailua.

The department was conducting predatory control at a nearby Kawainui Marsh, but did not notify the school or police.

Gunshots prompted the school to temporarily go on lockdown.

In a statement, the DLNR said:

“Yes we were there at the time of the shooting, but that doesn’t mean the shots heard and fired necessarily were us, it could have been someone else who was there. There are all kinds of unusual sounds being fired at this time of the year as we near the News Years Day holiday.

We have been doing these activities for about 10 years now, we also sent you another statement Friday evening, I assume you received this:

Our goal is to protect endangered native species from any non-native predator.

In order to do that we conduct trapping, shooting and fencing methods and these activities are done on a daily basis.”

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