Stabbing suspect linked to previous incidents of road rage, pepper spray

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We’re learning more about a suspect allegedly involved in a violent road rage incident on the H-1 Freeway that sent three people to the hospital Monday afternoon.

Mark Char, 58, allegedly drove off and barricaded himself in his Ewa home, where he eventually surrendered.

Turns out, Char has been arrested several times for similar incidents that involve some type of road rage and pepper spray, which police say he also used Monday.

Neighbor Michael Pacheco told KHON2 that he was walking home in January when Char clipped him with his van.

“I told him, ‘Watch where you’re going.’ He stopped the truck, came out, and started shooting me with mace and then I went to the ground and he started kicking me and continued to shoot me with mace,” Pacheco said.

Elizabeth Domingo says her family was having a party a few houses away from where Char lives when he came over and pepper-sprayed her son.

“So were they arguing first or did he just come and spray him right away?” KHON2 asked.

“No, they were not arguing,” she said.

In 2013, police and SWAT teams arrested Char during a standoff at his house.

We’ve also learned that in 2002, he was charged with negligent injury for allegedly hitting a guy on a motorcycle while driving.

According to Char’s attorney, that case was dismissed because a judge ruled that Char did not get a speedy trial. He was retried and convicted, but an appeals court reversed the ruling, so when the trial was scheduled again, the judge again dismissed the case, ruling that Char did not get a speedy trial.

Prosecutors appealed, so the trial is scheduled for November.

Neighbors say they can’t understand why Char is not locked up.

“This is very serious,” Pacheco said. “He goes on the road aggravating people and when they retaliate back to him, he makes it like he’s the one getting attacked.”

Pacheco says no charges were filed against Char for that incident in January, even though Pacheco filed a police report.

We contacted the Honolulu Police Department to find out why and have not heard back.

We also asked the prosecutor’s office what held up the 2002 negligent injury case forcing the dismissal. A spokesman said, “Prosecutors appealed and the dismissals were overturned, meaning the appeals court found the judge’s time calculations to be inaccurate.”

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