Southwest considers direct flights from Hawaii to Las Vegas

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Would you like to see a price war with flights to Las Vegas? Southwest Airlines is considering direct flights to what we call our ninth island. The company’s priority this year is launching flights to Hawaii from four California cities. Those Vegas flights could be possible next year.

We asked frequent Las Vegas travelers what they think about the possibility of more direct flights to Vegas.

“It will help create competition among the airlines and hopefully bring down the prices,” said Desiree Baba.

“And instill quality in the airlines as well. More options, entertainment, maybe bring back some meals,” said Levon Baba. 

“For me personally, I won’t probably use Southwest mainly because I’ve flown with Hawaiian a long time all my life and you build up miles,” said Rudy Tulonghari. “When you deal with a company for so long you’re just used to a certain type of service you receive.”

One UH professor from the School of Travel Industry Management tells us these direct flights would also help Las Vegas residents.

“We call it our ninth island for a reason. We have a number of former residents of Hawaii that live there, family members and with this, a lot of family members would come back,” said Professor Jerry Agrusa. 

Agrusa tells us Las Vegas would be a good gateway city because flights there are already full. 

“I think they would fill those planes much quicker than if you put it with Los Angeles or San Francisco, where you have the dominant airlines such as United already,” said Agrusa. 

Just last week, the airline successfully completed its first test flight to our state. They told us then, it has 6 to 8 more test flights before it gets the okay to start service to Hawaii. The airline also intends to offer some interisland flights. 

Hawaiian Airlines says it competes with large airlines in the world. It’s hospitality and leading punctuality have proven to be a winning combination year after year. 

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