HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some historic structures that burned in the Aug. 8 wildfires can be rehabilitated.

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That’s according to a team from the DLNR’s State Historic Preservation Division and FEMA.

The County has placed signs in front of at least 12 buildings nothing that they should be dealt with the highest level of care and access to the site without a cultural monitor is prohibited.

The team also found many stone and masonry buildings on front street can be restored.

“The first photographs I saw obviously looked like everything was gone but that’s not the case. There are buildings here, historic buildings important historic buildings, that I think can be repaired,” Dr. Alan downer, SHPD Administrator.

The team will work with cultural practitioners and experts in monitoring clean-up activities and debris removal.

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Property owners will make the final decision about what they want for their buildings and FEMA will identify if rebuilding is eligible for public assistance.