Small businesses along developing Oahu rail line get added promotional help

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With Black Friday coming to a close and major retailers around the state looking toward a busy December, KHON2 turns the focus now to another driving force of the local economy – small businesses.

It’s late afternoon and the sun is going down. Small businesses in the shadow of the Oahu rail line are prepping for what could be a big day. One customer put it bluntly, why do we support local businesses? “It means that the business is going to continue to operate.”

If you walk into a small business along the line, you might see one of the fliers promoting Small Business Saturday, a promotion that has been championed by HART, in hopes of buoying business along the construction ridden rail route.

Bryce Fujimoto with Shiro’s Saimin Haven says the promotion is a welcome step to boost business, “It’s definitely encouraging. A lot of people have been blasting HART and the rail but everybody has a job to do. Once again, I commend them for continuing to try to think of ideas to help out small businesses along the rail line.”

Fujimoto says business is steady, but there have been challenges. “It is getting a little better. It’s definitely challenging the customers to have to make their way through a bunch of traffic on the highway to reach us, but we’re very lucky because we have a lot of loyal customers who take that drive and take the extra time to come down here.”

One of those customers, Mary Stephany, says she’ll continue to support small businesses, and go out of her way to do it, saying local businesses are essential to Hawaii. “Local businesses are made here, are local products are made here,” she said.

For a list of the participating businesses, click here.

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