HONOLULU (KHON2) — Dozens of local students got to ride Skyline as school field trip on Friday.

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The Honolulu Department of Transportation Services hosted the trip as a part of school project for Honouliuli Middle School 6th graders.

For some students it was their first time on Honolulu’s new rail.

“Today was a really fun day to be on this light rail for my first time and it was nice to look at the view and just to hang out w my friends,” said Kruze lino-Isles, Honouliuli Middle School 6th grader.

While during the sightseeing experience, the school project had students imagine how Oahu could become energy independent by 2045 and how Skyline can play a role in that.

“They can think about jobs in the future. they don’t have to stay right where they’re at,” said Joanna Hess, Honouliuli Middle School teacher. “They can travel and commute and have it be so much easier than having to get in a car and spend hundreds of dollars in gas and polluting the environment at the same time.”

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Honouliuli Middle School is less than a block from the Kualakai East Kapolei Skyline Station, so students were able to walk over from their campus.