HONOLULU (KHON2) — At a city park on Oahu, some of the 216 restrooms may not have any toilet paper.

Nathan Serota with the Department of Parks and Recreation said, “it’s really come to a critical point where we’ve been getting inconsistent deliveries and uncertain amount of cases with each delivery.”

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DPR is asking people to bring their own toilet paper. They also said higher costs are partly to blame for the low supply of toilet paper.

It’s just at this point we’re not able to keep up with the demand. During the summertime we have a significant increase in our park bathrooms. We normally get about 270 cases of our large rolls a week. Right now we’re at 100 cases a week.”

Nathan Serota

Some residents are understanding, while others don’t look forward to packing toilet paper said, when they have kids “the last thing I want to be carrying in my handbag is extra toilet paper.”

The city said it is placing other types of toilet paper in the meantime and if you do bring your own, make sure only toilet paper is being flushed. “Flushable wipes do not flush. They do not break down with water, so they cause clog. Paper towels as well too don’t break down with water… though they may flush down the toilet, will clog our pipes,” said Serota

They also want to ensure this is a specific type of industrial toilet paper that goes into the dispensers. They don’t want residents to run to the store thinking toilet paper will not be available.

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When asked how long this shortage will last, Serota said, “we hope to resolve this as soon as possible. It’s just a matter of when we’re able to secure a more steady supply of these jumbo rolls.”