Sew a Lei for Memorial Day: Lei and Flowers needed

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Memorial Day is just a few days away, this upcoming Monday which means its the 70th annual Mayor’s Memorial Day Ceremony up at Punchbowl.  

Now that means the City & County of Honolulu is asking for your kōkua, your help, again to gather as much flowers and as much lei as possible so they can put it on all the gravestones up at Punchbowl.  

Now to talk more about that, we are here with Jeanne Ishikawa who is the Deputy Director of the Department of Parks and Recreations.  

Thank you for having us.  

I see you are holding two different types of lei.  

Can you tell us exactly what you are looking for in these lei?

We are looking for lei about this size which is about 20-22 flowers that you can string and make a short, smaller version of a lei.  

This is your standard lei, and so we are looking for this size so we can place them on the grave sites in an elegant way with the American flag. 

A lot of us have flowers, have plumeria trees in our yard.  

Now the regular is about 40-55 flowers.  

So you are looking at about 20 or so?

About 20 will give you a good size, yes.

Now aside from pre-made lei, you guys are also asking for individual flowers, or even if people have skills of making lei.

Yes, we have a sew a lei event coming up this friday at Honolulu Hale, but also in Kapōlei this Saturday. 

So you have 2 opportunities to sew a lei for Memorial Day.  

Come join us, we’ll have all the supplies, flowers, lei needle, thread, here on Friday from 10a-1p at Honolulu Hale, and on Saturday from 10a-1p at Kapōlei Commons at the Courtyard.

Thank you very much Jeanne.  

Now we have all that information.

Now thats just 2 different locations on 2 different days.  

But on friday, there are a lot of locations across O’ahu that you can give your lei, give your flowers.  

And also on Saturday. 

And also, if you are not on O’ahu, there are also locations for you. 

Make sure you check out all that information on our website

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