Senator Mazie Hirono will vote to convict and remove President Donald Trump

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FILE – This Sept. 25, 2018 file photo shows Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, at Capitol Hill in Washington. Hirono, the Senate’s first Asian-American woman and only current immigrant, is working on a memoir. Viking announced Tuesday that the book, currently untitled, will come out in 2021. Hirono, 72, will write about emigrating at age 8 to the United States after her mother fled an abusive marriage in Japan. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Senator Mazie Hirono posted a speech from the Senate floor to her Twitter account, in which she details her vote to convict and remove President Trump.

The opening of her speech is below:

“Madam President, when the Framers debated whether to include the power of impeachment in the Constitution, they envisioned a moment very much like the one we face now. They were fearful of a corrupt president who would abuse the presidency for his or her personal gain, particularly one who would allow any foreign country to interfere in the affairs of our United States.

With this fear in mind, the Framers directed the Senate to determine whether to ultimately remove that president from office. In normal times, the Senate — conscious of its awesome responsibility — would meet this moment with the appropriate sobriety and responsibility to conduct a full and fair trial. That includes calling appropriate witnesses and subpoenaing relevant documents — none of which happened here.

In normal times, the Senate would have weighed the evidence presented by both sides and rendered impartial justice. And in normal times, having been presented with overwhelming evidence of impeachable acts, the Senate would have embraced its Constitutional responsibility to convict the president and remove him or her from office. But as we’ve learned too often over the past 3 years, these are not normal times.”

The rest of her speech can be seen and heard here.

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