Security measures taken on TheBus in light of recent groping incidents

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Thousands of people ride the city bus every day. In light of recent reports of riders being sexually assaulted, KHON2 wanted to know what security measures are in place.

Last week, Honolulu police told us they’re looking into several incidents of young girls who were groped or fondled on TheBus.

It can happen to anyone, and TheBus says it needs your help.

Drivers for TheBus are trained to watch out for conflicts and call the cops, but sometimes, if no one comes forward, it’s hard for them to know if anything has happened.

Ralph Faufata, VP of Transportation with TheBus says any time someone comes forward drivers are trained to help. They also keep an eye on mirrors, and have cameras rolling to catch illegal activity. “Every situation is different bus operators are trained to be vigilant and to monitor the passenger compartment and to see if they see any types of threats, but it’s really up to the passengers to let the bus operator know.”

According to Faufata busses are usually equipped with four to six cameras on the interior of TheBus. Those cameras are rolling whenever TheBus is in use. According to police, there have been at least three incidents of sexual assault on city transportation since August. One involves a 14 year-old girl. Drivers are trained to keep a look out, but even with cameras and mirrors, things can slip through the cracks. Passengers are the first line of defense, that’s why you’re asked to tell the driver, call 911, and if it’s safe, take a video or picture of the suspect.

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