HONOLULU (KHON2) — Segway of Hawaii continues to pick up the pieces after an early morning burglary Thursday, Dec. 2. The owner said he was shocked when he received a call about the incident around 5 a.m.

“They were trying to torch the window using the blow torch, and it wasn’t working on the glass and security had come up to them to talk to them and they had tagged him,” said Alan Rice, owner of Segway of Hawaii.

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“Tagged him” meant that the thieves hit the security guard with an electric gun. The stun was enough to send the guard running, but that did not stop the thieves.

“They took a truck and backed it into a store and blew out the entire front and loaded the merchandise in the back of the truck and took off,” explained Rice.

Segway of Hawaii said the security guard is doing OK, but the electric gun attack raised concerns.

“Now we’re making these things legal, I don’t get it. I question that highly and I don’t understand why we’re moving in that direction,” Rice added.

On Jan. 1, Hawaii residents will be allowed to legally carry electric guns. Buyers must pass a background check and a mandatory safety class conducted by the seller. By law, users may only use an electric gun for self-defense, defending another person or protecting their property.

Rice hopes these safeguards will deter these devices from falling into the wrong hands, but for now, he said he is grateful no one got seriously hurt in this incident.

“I just think all of us together in the neighborhood, we just have to watch out for each other. It’s something we need to do now more than ever,” said Rice.

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Anyone who has information about this case is asked to contact the Honolulu police here.