HONOLULU (KHON2) — After a four-day, multi-agency effort to find a missing 19-year-old swimmer, the Kauai Fire Department said they suspended their search on Wednesday.

“These operations are never easy, and we wish the outcome would have turned out differently,” said KPD’s Investigative Services Bureau Assistant Chief Bryson Ponce. “But we truly appreciate everyone involved in our attempts to locate and bring Jaren home.”

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According to the KFD, on Saturday, Oct. 8, Jaren Asalele was swimming at Kalihiwai Beach when he became distressed. While family members made efforts to help Asalele, he went underwater and did not resurface.

He was last seen wearing orange swim shorts.

In an earlier statement, KFD stated Asalele was an Oahu resident, however, they later corrected that he was from American Samoa and was preparing to move to Oahu next year.

According to officials, there were possible sightings of Asalele’s body deep underwater and on the surface for brief periods of time on Sunday and Monday.

Officials extended their search for the swimmer, but due to limited visibility and rough ocean conditions, they were unsuccessful.

By Wednesday at noon, the search was suspended pending any new information.

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Asalele’s drowning is reported as the 11th one on Kauai this year.