HONOLULU (KHON2) — Two Hawaiian green sea turtles got a new lease on life on Wednesday, June 16.

They were released into the ocean in celebration of National Sea Turtle Day.

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The honu are part of Sea Life Park’s honu breeding program, which has released more than 16,000 turtles into the wild since the 1970s.

The reptiles were also recently named over the Memorial Day weekend through a naming contest held over social media; Holokai, which means “seafarer,” and Aheahe, which means “gentle breeze.”

“The Hawaiian Sea Turtle used to be on the endangered species list, and we have been working with various community organizations to help aid in replenishing the sea turtle population throughout the islands. We’ve released over 1,600 sea turtles from our breeding program and have seen a great increase in turtle numbers statewide. We hope the community continues to protect these creatures and remains aware of their nesting during the warmer months.”

Jeff Pawloski, Sea Life Park animal curator

Sea turtle nesting season takes place in Hawaii from May to July, so beachgoers are reminded to be careful of potential turtle nests and to never move, touch or approach sea turtles in the wild.

National Sea Turtle Day is celebrated on June 16 and is used to honor and celebrate sea turtles.