HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Hawaii Loa Ridge home that was the scene of a murder is now for sale, the family of Gary Ruby said selling the home was not up for debate as they all try to move forward from the tragedy.

It is not hard to understand why the property could be someone’s dream home, it is located inside one of Oahu’s most exclusive communities.

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The home is listed for nearly $2.5 million, the stunning ocean views, open floor plan and impeccable finishes are sure to attract buyers, but the house comes with recent history.

Earlier this year, police investigated the murder of 73-year-old Gary Ruby inside the home.

Corcoran Pacific Properties Realtor Heidi Bertucci is in charge of the listing, she also sold the home to Ruby back in 2020.

“Gary was looking for a really long time and for the right home, I actually had met him at a previous listing of mine also in Hawaii Loa Ridge,” Bertucci said.

“He really liked this neighborhood but he was looking for the right home where he could live in forever and when he saw this he knew this was the one.”

Heidi Bertucci, Corcoran Pacific Properties Realtor

Bertucci is required to disclose to interested buyers that there was a death inside the home.

Prosecutors said Ruby’s body was found encased in concrete inside a bathtub, which has been replaced.

Bertucci said the home has also been blessed before going on the market.

They hope to find the right buyer, but the home’s past may not sit well with everyone.

“When you buy a home where someone lived in before, you don’t really know anything about it or what happened in there,” Bertucci said. “This home you do know and you do know the history, but people will take the home for what it is, and not what happened in here.”

Ruby’s niece Maia Ruby-Clemmons said the events described by police, should not take away from the beauty of the home. She said her uncle only had a couple of years living inside his dream home, there were plenty of memories yet to be made.

Ruby-Clemmons said she received a book included in Ruby’s belongings. The book had entries written by previous owners of the home and passed down to new owners.

Ruby-Clemmons read part of an entry the previous owners wrote to her uncle, “‘Dear Gary, welcome to your new home, we are so pleased that we can pass on our home to someone that appreciates all the design. We had a beautiful time here. And we wish you the same.'”

She said she misses her uncle every day, but letting go of this home does not mean letting go of Ruby and the moments they shared.

“The banyan tree on the beach,” Ruby-Clemmons said. “That’s I think going to be my place for pilgrimage when I finally make it to Hawaii. Yes. I will sit with a book for a bit of time and just sit with him there I think.”

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was placed on the market on Monday.

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The trial for the man charged with Ruby’s murder is scheduled for Aug. 29.