HONOLULU (KHON2) – The whole family has a chance tomorrow evening to really take a peek up in the sky and see what’s really lingering above our heads with amazing telescopes and tools such as this. 

The event tomorrow is called Ohana Stargazing from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for the whole family. 

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So, to find out more, we are here with Dr. Roy Gal who is an Associate Astronomer at University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

Tell us about what people can expect when they come down here tomorrow. 

“Well, like you said, we will have telescopes for stargazing, we are going to have a Q & A with astronomers and with cultural practitioners talking about navigation and Hawaiian star lines, we’ll have hands-on activities downstairs where you can walk through the solar system, play with lego, do virtual reality voyaging, and all kinds of other things,” says Gal.

Why is it important, and I think it is amazing that this event does so, to bring together and the cultural aspect into one event?

“You know, we share the same sky and whatever your culture or whatever your beliefs, we all share the same stars, and we all look at them in different ways, but we are all learning from them and using them,” says Gal.

“So, we can all learn from each other as well and realize that we are all part of this earth and part of the universe that we live in.”

Thank you very much, Dr. Roy. 

This is really fascinating because of tools and telescopes like this. 

So, to find out more about the tools and what you will actually be seeing, we are here with the Owner of Stargazers of Hawaii, Nick Bradley. 

Nick, explain to us what people are actually going to see through these telescopes tomorrow evening.

“The highlights are going to be the moon, the rings of Saturn, and the moons of Jupiter,” says Bradley.

“The rings of Saturn, you don’t want to miss it, it is the coolest thing in the night’s sky to see.”

What is so fascinating to you about astronomy that you hope family, friends, keiki in particular, walk away from this experience tomorrow night?

“We want people to look up, be curious, ask questions, find the answers, and just enjoy the wonders of the universe by look through the telescopes,” says Bradley

How do telescopes like this actually work because looking down the top, there are actually empty space within this where I thought it was full of tools and instruments? 

How does this work?

“It’s very simple.  All it uses is mirrors and lenses,” says Bradley.

“One big mirror at the base of the telescope magnifying it with just mirrors and lenses and its very simple.”

Thank you very much, Nick. 

Ohana Stargazing here at SALT Our Kakaako. 

So, to find out more about this, click here.

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There is this level here on top of the parking garage, but in the barn down below, there are a lot more things for every age of the family, from keiki all the way up to kupuna