HONOLULU (KHON2) — With a three-day weekend celebrating fourth of July, the beaches are looking to be packed. Both Honolulu EMS and Ocean Safety stress one thing.

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“I want to encourage parents to keep an eye on their kids,” said Sunny Fitzgerald of the Honolulu EMS. “There’s a lot of stuff going on. There may be fireworks or there’s people drinking. There’s a lot of people in one area. Just watch your kids. Make sure they’re in a safe zone.”

Ocean Safety said to watch the children which is “probably easier said than done, but if you could just have someone in the group focus on them, especially little ones.” They also said kids often get distracted and run off when they see other little kids.

One family keeps their kids in bright floaties and swimsuits to spot them quicker.

The sun is another thing that often gets overlooked while celebrating all day.

“So make sure you stay hydrated, try to stay in the shad if you can. Pop-up tents things like that, if its legal in where ever you are at. Try to stay out of the sun in peak hours.”

Sunny Fitzgerald, Honolulu EMS paramedic

Ocean safety recommended one more thing when watching fireworks in the evening.

“We always stress to swim during our operating hours,” said Dennis Coglietta, Ocean Safety lieutenant. “We’ll be finishing around 6:30 p.m. so if you’re going to come down to the beach and stick around all day and watch the fireworks, please avoid the water.”

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EMS said they had to rescue a man who went in the water intoxicated after lifeguard hours last year. They recommend keeping an eye on your friends, so this does not happen this year.