Safety checks creating traffic jams at auto shops

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If you need to repair your car or get a safety check, expect to wait. That’s because many auto shops are experiencing a backlog now that safety checks have resumed, but if yours is expired there is still time before you’ll be cited.

Frank Young of K&Y Auto Service in Kakaako says he’s done more safety checks in the second half of May than he normally does in a whole month.

“There’s a lot of hustle for safety checks. People come driving by and we tell them they gotta make an appointment. Some people get upset. Most people understand,” Young said.

Young is surprised by the number of people coming into his auto shop to get safety checks since ones that expired by May 31 are now valid until the end of August.

“Even though they got til September to catch up on safety checks, the police aren’t going to be tagging anybody but those people don’t like driving around. It’s funny everyone complains about the safety check law but then everyone gets nervous when they don’t have a safety check.”

With a plethora of people wanting to get repairs and safety checks out of the way, Young recommends making an appointment wherever you go.

“If we make appointments it’s actually pretty quick. We get an appointment we do it right away.”

New guidelines only allow up to a certain number of people in the shop at a time. Young has also been disinfecting cars before and after they’re serviced.

“Over there we have all of our disinfectants, our towels so every car that comes inside we disinfect the car and then we let it sit for a few minutes for the disinfectant to work then we do the safety check and customers seem to appreciate the fact that we’re disinfecting the cars. Everybody is still a little worried about that virus.”

Other mechanics KHON2 spoke with Tuesday recommend making sure your tires have proper tread, head and tail lights are working, and windshield wipers are functional to pass safety checks. If yours expired before May 31, it will remain valid until August 31. After that, any safety check that expires this year will be valid for an additional three months.

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