HONOLULU (KHON2) — The City is stepping up efforts to reduce crime in Waikiki and making it a more appealing place for residents, workers and visitors. 

The “Safe and Sound” program also known as “Weed and Seed” in other parts of the City, will cover from Diamond Head to the Ala Wai boat harbor.

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Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm said “Safe and Sound” is a collaboration between his prosecuting team, police officers, the business community and residents. The goal is to identify repeat offenders and charge them.

Alm said they will also be asking judges to impose a geographic restriction on criminals to keep them out of the area.

“Let’s give Waikiki a break from the people that are breaking the law and keep coming back and we’ve got residents who are very helpful in working with HPD to identify who those folks are,” Alm said. “We are hoping there will be more consequences for people but the geographic restriction will be tremendously helpful and in a way, it won’t fill up more beds in Oahu Community Correctional Center because it’s the threat of it that will keep folks out.”

Alm said the geographic restriction will not be requested for offenders who live, work, or seek treatment in Waikiki.

The geographic restriction will be at the discretion of judges. City Council Chair Tommy Waters now calling for tougher sentences. 

Waters said, “I want the judges to hear this and the whole judiciary, they need to step it up right no more of this credit for time served where you serve three hours and then you let out to come right back here it’s not going to work unless the judges participate.”

A Hawaii State Judiciary spokesperson said they could not comment on this story. 

Meanwhile, Mayor Rick Blangiardi also committed his administration to fix the image of Waikiki by repairing what is broken, such as water fountains, telephone booths and other City property.

Blangiardi said, “All of this will be fixed — all of it will be improved as soon as we can possibly do that, but I promise you it’s a priority.”

Another goal for the program is to create job and training opportunities, that is where the private sector comes into the plan. 

The Waikiki Business Improvement District Association President Jennifer Nakayama said, “That’s about providing second chance job employment perhaps for those who were previously incarcerated maybe job training, mentorship.”

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A similar crime reduction program has been in place in Chinatown, Kalihi and Ewa Beach.