HONOLULU (KHON2) – It’s the most wonderful time of the year with Christmas trees up in every window, holiday music playing at stores and restaurants and the beloved Christmas lights strung up on houses and apartments. 

However, the holiday months are also a costly time of the year when people tend to see a spike on their electricity bill. 

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HouseMethod came out with a new study ranking the states who pay the most when it comes to hanging up Christmas lights on their houses. 

They report with inflation hitting the homes of millions of Americans, thinking about cutting back on Christmas lights might be a good idea. 

For example, the average American will spend $16.48 running Christmas lights in 2022. They report that being a 13% increase to running Christmas lights last year. 

The most expensive state to run Christmas lights in 2022 is Hawaii then New Hampshire followed by California, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The average cost for Christmas lights in America is $16.48 in 2022 however for those who live in Hawaii HouseMethod report having to pay more than double that amount at $38.46. 

To read their full study and see how expensive it is to string Christmas lights in other states head to HouseMethod’s website

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Decorating for Christmas can be a fun family-friendly tradition. But unfortunately, you have to be aware it might cost you more this year than in years past.