Rumble strips could be coming to more roadways on Oahu

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Rumble strips can be found heading to Hanauma Bay, but they may soon be found on other major highways and roadways all over Oahu.

It’s part of a new project by the Hawaii Department of Transportation called “Installation of Enhanced Pavement Marking and New Milled Rumble Strip”.

“It’s an immediate reaction. It captures your attention,” said Deborah Eng, an Oahu resident. “It will alert a driver that they’re getting out of their lane, and with all the beautiful distractions that we have to see and with the number of tourists, I think it’s a great safety feature for our roads.”

Other residents say having the rumble strips on certain roadways has already helped them.

“The rumble strips… actually it helped me one time when I was nodding off, and running over the rumble strips, I woke up. So it’s good,” said another resident Lane Phongphila.

According to a national Federal Highway Administration study, when a rumble strip was added to the road, crashes caused by cars crossing the center line were reduced by 18 to 64 percent. Run-off-road crashes were cut by almost 29 percent.

But some residents say the additional rumble strips could be a bother.

“It would bother me. I wouldn’t be happy driving,” said Charmaine Peralta. “Because it’s just noisy and you can feel it on your tires, and then you know even if you’re in your lane, as long as your car is wide, you’re going to feel it no matter what you do.”

Part of the project also includes installing new pavement markings, crosswalk markings and delineators.

The Hawaii Department of transportation says the work could begin as early as October, 2019. They are currently seeking public input on a Community Noise Variance Application for the work which is proposed to last overnight from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. To voice your opinion by filling out a form, you can visit this website.

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