HONOLULU (KHON2) — A 77-year-old man who was attacked right outside his home is speaking out. He said he wants the suspect caught so he can pay for what he’s done.

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Manuel Corpuz has always enjoyed tending his garden outside his home in the Kalihi-Palama area. That is until last Sunday when a man on a moped snuck up from behind, tried to take his wallet, and attacked him.

“I was trying to fight him back, but I was unprepared for that because I was not expecting it. But still I was able to kick him back,” said Corpuz.

Corpuz said he wasn’t about to give up his wallet without a fight. In addition to his credit cards and credentials, he also had $375 in cash in it.

“I hold my pocket like that so he cannot reach the wallet. Because he cannot, he punched me and I dropped. That’s when he got it,” he said.

The suspect punched Corpuz in the jaw and he said it was sore and he was dizzy for a couple of days. The doctor told him he probably had a concussion. He said he knew the guy in the moped was there but didn’t expect him to attack.

“I was assuming that he was coming to me and ask some questions if he’s lost or not but all of a sudden I feel his hand grab my wallet,” said Corpuz.

HPD said the suspect is a man in his 20s, 5’9″ to 5’11”, slim to average build, with short black hair. Detectives came to the house on Friday because they have recovered Corpuz’s ID. They assured him that they will catch the suspect, and Corpuz is looking forward to that day.

“I will press charges, make him pay for what he’s done,” he said.

The family added that the incident has affected their whole household.

The family said there’s a 94-year-old grandma who loves to walk around the block everyday for exercise, but because of what happened, she’s not doing that anymore.

“It’s anger, it just saddens us these kinds of things are happening in our community,” said Fritz Medalla, Corpuz’s son-in-law.

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As for Corpuz, he said he plans to be more aware at the garden.