Road rage suspect found guilty of assault and attempted murder

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Mark Char was found guilty of attempted murder in the second degree.

He was also found guilty on two counts of assault in the road rage case. The verdict handed was down almost three years after he stabbed Jesther Marlang, Deion Anunciacion and Jene Winn on the side of the H-1 freeway near the Kunia off-ramp.

Char claimed he acted in self defense.

His defense attorney Keith Shigetomi said they are both shocked at the verdict.

“Clearly the other side took a lot of aggressive action and that’s confirmed by a lot of independent witnesses,” said Shigetomi.

The prosecution disagreed.

“Obviously, the prosecution never believed that it was a case of self defense. From day one, we thought it was an attempted murder case in the second degree and now 12 members of the community feel the same,” said Prosecuting Attorney Kyle Dowd.

Shigetomi said this isn’t the end.

“There’s other steps we’re going to take, which does include an appeal.There are other things that we’re going to do.”

He said they plan to file a motion for a new trial.

Dowd obviously said he wasn’t at all surprised at the verdict.

“The verdict is a just verdict  that represents the seriousness of what happened on the freeway. And obviously the crimes coming back charged as they did makes it clear that Mark Char’s conduct on the freeway was not justified and it was unlawful,” explained Dowd.

“I think it’s very clear that (the jury) paid very close attention to this case. The prosecution gave them 14 witnesses to essentially recreate what had happened on the H1 west bound on August 1, 2016.”

Dowd said this case has been about justice for the victims.

“This case is also about some heroes that stopped by to help these three men including Kaohu Detwiler. He was an off duty military police officer,” said Dowd.

Sentencing will take place on June 18, 2019 at 10a.m.

Dowd explained how long Char could face behind bars for each count against the three men he stabbed.

“The penalty for attempted murder in the second degree is going to be life with parole for Mr. Marlang. For Mr. Anunciacion, the penalty is…up to five years of imprisonment, for a class C felony…For Jene Winn, assault in the third degree, the maximum penalty is one year of imprisonment…Mr. Char will be looking at going to prison for the rest of his life, and then obviously, the fight about when he gets out will be in front of the parole board,” explained Dowd.

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