Reward offered for chair thief tips

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A brazen thief stole three massage chairs from Marukai during broad daylight, with employees and customers in the store.

Now — Crimestoppers Honolulu is asking for your help in finding the suspect.

He wanted to give the impression that he worked for the chair manufacturer.

The area of Marukai where the chairs are displayed — is rented by the company that sells the chairs.
The space is not regularly staffed.
Electric massage chairs can range in price from about $800 up to $10,000.

In its alert to the public, Crimestoppers Honolulu says the suspect — who can be clearly seen on surveillance video — was wearing a shirt that said “Daiwa,” the manufacturer of a popular brand of massage chairs.

The suspect — in his 30s or 40s — with a medium build — walked into the store with a dolly — and walked out with three chairs valued at $28,000.

Sgt. Chris Kim, of Crimestoppers,says it is an unusual crime.

“So we don’t see too many of these types of cases where someone walks in, during business hours where there’s a lot of customers, a lot of people, it’s definitely a brazen act. He had a plan, he walked in and he was able to perfectly execute his plan.”

Tina Yamaki, president of Retail Merchants of Hawaii, has some safety tips for businesses.

“We keep telling people who have uniforms, to be sure to take them back when employees leave, so it doesn’t end up in some reselling shop where people can purchase them and then pretend that they work for the company.”

Employees at businesses can also be their employers’ first-line of defense.

Yamaki says, “You can ask for identification, to make sure, you know, if they have a business card, or a lot of times they have ID from the company on them, to prove that they actually do work there. Companies can actually call up the company to make sure that , there is a scheduled service to go on, if they’re unsure.”

If you recognize the man in the video — your anonymous call to Crimestoppers, that leads to an arrest — could get you a cash reward.
Call 955-8300 — and to get another look at the suspect — have another look at the video.

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