Resuable bag users will have to bag own items at some stores

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Stores like Target and Foodland have new rules — if you’re bringing a reusable bag, you’ll now have to bag the items you bought.

Sheryl Toda with Foodland said the changes will protect customers and employees.

“Reusable bag is another item that could be touched by the cashier and also the courtesy clerk and the customer, so we just wanted to eliminate as many items as we could that are touched by several people,” said Toda.

In Colorado, they’re asking people to stop using reusable bags until the COVID-19 spread is contained.

They’re even suspending plastic bag fees for 30 days.

KHON asked Honolulu City Council Member Joey Manahan if we could be seeing changes to our plastic bag laws.

He said right now, it’s not a good idea.

“To dial it back would be a mistake, especially since you know, we don’t really know whether the virus lives longer on a piece of plastic then it would a paper bag,” said Manahan.

Target said that for now, they’ll give customers paper or plastic bags for free.

In addition to the new bagging procedures, Target isn’t accepting any returns for at least the next three weeks. Foodland will not be accepting returns on certain items, including toilet paper, rice and water.

“This is in efforts to discourage excess hoarding and also eliminate the possibility of additional potential exposure that might happen between customers and employees and other customers when goods are returned,” said Toda.

I asked the state Department of Health if these precautions are necessary and can help stop the spread of germs, I’m still waiting for their response.

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