Residents upset, confused by city’s removal of heavily used crosswalk

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Some Mililani residents are upset and confused as to why the city would remove crosswalks at a busy intersection.

This is on Lanikuhana Avenue near the Towne Center of Mililani.

Not only did a lot of people use the crosswalks but residents question the paint job to cover it up.

Where there was once a crosswalk, now there are only remnants.

The lines of the crosswalk still visible, but blacked out.

Monica Montelongo runs with her dog in the area every day, and says the way the crosswalk looks now makes her worry. “The main thing is you can obviously tell there was a crosswalk and now it’s blacked out so confusion is going to come from that. Drivers are going to see that it’s blocked off and have no reason to stop. I mean the horizontal lines are gone as well.”

City engineers recently reviewed six lane crosswalks saying they either have to be removed or have a traffic signal put in.

This particular intersection didn’t pass federal tests to get a light, so the crosswalk was taken out.

Mike Packard, the City’s Complete Streets Administrator, says in taking out the crosswalk, the hope is people that don’t feel safe will cross at the traffic light 300 feet away. “The thought behind this is that marking the crosswalk gives this a sense of security.”

According to Packard, because of the volume of traffic in the area and the number of lanes, it’s not safe to have a crosswalk here. “However without the crosswalk being a marked crosswalk is still a legal place to cross.”

Harold Irving says he’s one of the many people that use the crosswalk on a regular basis. He says without the white lines, people are in more danger of getting hit. “People are still going to cross and that’s what I’m afraid of. That when school gets out one day some kid goes to cross the street and somebody speeding to the light or from the light kills the kid.”

Monica Montelongo says she’ll continue to use the intersection to cross the road, and hopes that the lines are brought back, “People are going to continue to cross there. It’s been there for 20-30 years and people are set in the routine they are not going to go an extra block to cross at the light so that’s my main concern is the confusion it’s going to cause.”

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