Residents upset after parking enforcement sweep ends with 150 tickets

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Dozens of Village Park residents were recently ticketed and reached out to KHON2 via Report It to find out why this is happening.

Honolulu police tell us 150 citations were issued Friday and Monday. Violators must pay a $35 fine for blocking the sidewalks or parking in front of a driveway.

“I’m very annoyed,” said Vernon Buford. “It’s $35. I’m going to contest it. I don’t want to pay it.”

“I was frustrated. I take care of my parents, they’re elderly,” said Robert Shorter. “It’s good to have (your vehicle parked) curbside, so they can get into vehicle easily. I got upset.”

The Honolulu Police Department says the mass ticketing is in response to “community complaints” and most of the citations were for cars parked illegally on the sidewalk.

City ordinance states a car must be parked four feet away from the highest point of your driveway.

But residents say there’s also nowhere to park on their street and the laws need to be changed.

“Where you gonna park? There’s no parking on the side at all,” said resident Nicole Reb.

“You don’t have a measuring tape, you’re not going to measure the front or back of the car,” said Shorter.

“I’ve lived here 29 years,” said resident Garland Davis. “There’s never been any problems with parking by the mailboxes or in the drive.”

KHON2 didn’t speak to any residents who were happy about the citations.

Manny Mattos spotted police officers ticketing cars this morning, and said “they’re telling us the complaint came from Councilmember Ron Menor’s office.”

So we reached out to Menor and asked, did you know about the mass ticketing before it began?

“Absolutely not. I had no idea,” he replied. “I think the actions taken by HPD were unfortunate and unacceptable.”

Menor says he received a complaint from a resident, and standard procedure is forwarding the complaint to police.

He says when he learned about the ticketing, he called HPD.

“I’ve been assured by the major overseeing Village Park that they’re not going to do this again, that they will look into policies and procedures in which they will be dealing with and addressing parking concerns throughout not just my district, but the island,” he said.

Menor said there is a bill under consideration that would allow on-street parking closer to driveways, but it would be a pilot project only in certain areas of Ewa and could not be expanded.

However, he noted, it is something the council could consider in the future.

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