Residents on alert from uptick in Kailua crime

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Increased crime in Kailua is raising concerns.

It’s not the way you would want to start your morning.

“I walked out to my car and realized my front passenger window was broken,” said Kailua resident, Robert Lower “They had reached down through here to the front passenger floor and grabbed the duffle bag.” A duffle bag that had his military uniform and more.

“From what I was informed by the local police department was that the crime rate as far as vehicle break-ins and vandalism has increased,” said Lower.

So what’s going on?

“It seems that people are basically searching vehicles from the exteriors,” said Lower. “Then looking inside and if there is anything within sight that they see that appeases them then they go and break the windows and steal the items.”

Increased crime in Kailua is something long time resident Mark Librie knows all about.

“I live in Lanikai and I hear alarms go off all the time a lot of house break-ins now, a lot more than we’ve ever had and when you look at the crime map you see it,” said Librie.

In the last three months criminals haven’t been kind to Kailua residents, from December 25th to January 25th there were 88 crimes reported in the area, and this past month there have been 76 crimes so far.

“When you look at the map the little dots are everywhere now,” said Librie. “Whether it’s Enchanted Lakes, Kalaheo Hillside, Lanikai they’re everywhere.”

While neighborhood watch groups are keeping watch and Facebook pages like ‘My Kailua’ are used to share stories, there is only so much they can do, but they’re hoping the problem is fixed soon so they don’t have to worry as much.

“We need the community and the police to come together to try to help control this and I think the community involvement is the biggest thing right now,” said Librie.

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