HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Makiki Stream has become a growing cause for concern among residents and business owners. They’ve turned to KHON2 to shed light on the issue.

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The Makiki Stream, especially from South King Street along Kalakaua Avenue has been an eyesore. Even tourists coming out of Waikiki can’t help but stare at the mess.

“It’s really sad to see a beautiful stream just full of trash yeah and it’s kind of depressing actually to see it,” said area resident Yun Bustamante.

It’s clogged with overgrown vegetation and all types of trash, which residents said is dumped by the homeless nearby.

“I don’t understand why they can’t clean it up because the homeless, especially see rubbish, they see all the green, they’re not taking care, of course they’re gonna throw their own rubbish inside,” said area resident Noreen Kanno.

Residents say the stream was actually cleaned out in August when hurricane Dora was approaching. They can’t believe it’s already this bad in just a couple of months.

“It’s kind of getting out of control, it’s probably gonna be a hazard sooner or later when the rain comes and the floods come in,” said area resident Gary Hendrickson.

Residents point out that the area flooded back in 2006 when the stream overflowed because it was clogged. Business owners have another problem with the homeless.

“There’s been issues, they had a knife fight right after dark in the parking lot in the front,” said business owner Pono Lunn.

Lunn adds that the homeless constantly go through their property to get to the stream, which happened during our interview.

As for the stream Lunn says all that trash will cause more problems downstream.

“Of course they’re trying to clean up the Ala Wai and put so much effort into that and all of this is going to wash right back down there. That’s pretty sad,” he said.

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The city says a crew will remove the trash as soon as Saturday, and that it’s a recurring issue with the homeless. Another crew will clear the vegetation on Oct. 28.