HONOLULU (KHON2) — There was nothing left after a fire burned a home in Kailua early Thursday morning.

The owners were found outside with their neighbors hours after the fire was put out. When asked about how the fire started, they said the fire inspector told them “the fire was caused by a bug zapper that was charged on the front porch.”

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The owners two dogs woke them up by barking. They thought “it was them, you know, barking at other dogs, people walking, or cats,” said owner, Ashlyn Young.

One of the dogs, Phoenix, is a rescue from the Hawaiian Humane Society, making this a full-circle moment as he rescued them.

“If it hadn’t been for him and Hoku barking, you know, we wouldn’t have woken up and gotten out in time.”

Ashlyn Young, Homeowner

When they went to check on the dogs, that is when they realized the front porch was on fire. However, it was too late as Young said “by the time I went back to the bedroom to grab my cellphone to call 911, it had already gotten into the living room.”

The American Red Cross and neighbors helped them throughout Thursday.

Young said they are just glad everyone got out safe and on a tough day like this “it’s really about counting your blessings and just being grateful for what you do have, your life, family and friends.”