Reading the old fashioned way: Start of popular library book sale

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History, horror and Hawaiiana — it was all there at the opening day of the Friends of the Library of Hawaii’s 69th book sale at the McKinley High School cafeteria Saturday.

While there are “easier” ways to peruse reading material these days — either online or via Kindle, Nook and iPad — these patrons like to read the old fashioned way with the written word on actual paper.

“I like to have visual representation,” said Adam Baker, “and it’s gotta be tangible. When you’re scrolling and doing the tablet thing, it doesn’t work.”

“You can actually feel it, go through it, turn the pages, and go back to when something catches your attention,” Lehua Afong said.

Four hundred volunteers will be stacking 150,000 volumes throughout the sale, all to benefit the state’s 50 public libraries.

“The state budget provides for facilities and personnel,” said executive director Nainoa Mau. “We provide everything else that makes the libraries a vibrant community resource.”

Compact discs, DVDs, comic books and artwork are also available at bargain prices at the book sale, which continues through Sunday, June 26.

For more sale and schedule information, click here.

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