Reactions of Passengers on Canada Air Flight

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It was a short scare for passengers aboard Air Canada Flight 33.

A young passenger said, “I was sleeping and then I just felt this big thing, I don’t know like shaking. I don’t really know but it was just scary and I was like ‘Oh my gosh’ and then I was like ‘Oh no.’ And I was like ‘Oh my gosh, hold on do I have my seat belt on?’ I was stressing out.”

A moment of severe turbulence on their way from to Sydney from Vancouver.

Linda Woodhouse, a passenger on the flight said, “The plane dropped significantly and some of the flight attendants were just serving food so unfortunately the people that didn’t have seat belts on or with things flying around, they hit the ceiling.”

Irene Ng, another passenger said, “There was blood on the eyebrow area and the head. People had braces, some people were holding their ribs and broken arms I think.”

“Turbulence hit all of the sudden and everyone was just flying in the air, some people did not have their seat belt locked in and obviously that’s what happened,it was a very quick event,” said Fais Asad, a passenger.

It wasn’t until the pilot made an emergency landing where passengers had a sense of relief.

The young passenger said, “And luckily when we stopped I was like Ahh thank goodness we stopped. I was so scared.”

Ng said, “They came around, they were really good, they checked everybody was okay and obviously gave assistance to those who needed it. They were really good in responding to our injuries.”

“We were met by paramedics, firefighters, they came on, they triage the most significant. I don’t think anyone is really severely injured but it could’ve been a lot worse than it was,” said Woodhouse.

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