HONOLULU (KHON2) — The outpouring of support for victims on Maui from the people across our islands has been nothing short of breathtaking. Many are using their specific talents or expertise to give back Including the folks at Rainbow Helicopters.

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After the fires ripped through Lahaina and Kula, Rainbow Helicopters has been bringing over supplies to Kapalua on the north end of West Maui. The nimble nature of aviation allowed them access to what was at the time an otherwise difficult place to deliver to.

“We didn’t need much we could get there quickly and get the supplies right away when we needed,” Rainbow Helicopters owner and CEO Nicole Battjes said.

She adds that they also partnered with local artist Wyland to deliver $50,000 of donations to Maui, including to the Maui Humane Society.

One of Rainbow Helicopters’ most significant impacts has been delivering breast milk to mothers in need, partnering with Maui-based non-profit Pacific Birth Collective for distribution.

“We had a need so we were able to partner with Northwest Mothers Milk Bank in Portland, Oregon, and bring it over quickly because obviously breast milk needs to be frozen and can’t be out very long,” Battjes said.

They plan on continuing to deliver breast milk and other things that are needed. They’ve donated the air time while Castle & Cooke Aviation has supplied fuel.

“At this point, we’ve raised about $70,000 and our goal is $75,000 and we’re almost there we’re asking people to donate to the GoFundMe to help us get to our goal and continue to use grassroots efforts,” Battjes said.

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